Artikel-artikel tentang BUMN

Kamal, Miko, ‘Board of Commissioners in Indonesia: an Empirical Study of Board of Commissioners of Indonesia’s State-Owned Enterprises’ (2011) Asian Journal of Comparative Law (conditional accepted subject to certain specified revisions).

Kamal, Miko ‘Dealing with State-Owned Enterprises’ Principals Dilemma: A Proposal for the Governance of Indonesia’s State-Owned Enterprises’ (2010) Lawasia Journal.

Kamal, Miko, ‘Corporate Governance and State-owned Enterprises: A Study of Indonesia’s Code of Corporate Governance’ (2010) 5(4) Journal of International Commercial Law and Technology 19. Dapat juga diakses di sini:

Kamal, Miko, ‘The Indonesian Company Law: Does it Support Good Corporate Governance? ‘ (2009) 6 Macquarie Journal of Business Law 348.

Kamal, Miko, Corporate Governance in Indonesian State-owned Enterprises: Is it on the right track? Pustaka Fahima Jogyakarta (2009). Also available at Macquarie University Law Working Paper No. 2008-30:

Kamal, Miko,  ‘BUMN: Enitas Bisnis atau Politik?’ (2009 )  Legalitas <>.

Note: bagi anda yang butuh soft copy dari full artikel-artikel di atas, silahkan email


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